Assigning event buttons

Customize the placement of the play button.
Please use according to the usability and the purpose.

Tap the button. Select the event button you want to.


" I don't know if I could tap the button... "
Please use it at such times.

Set the button operation sound ON / OFF.

Set the type of foul to record

Select fouls you want to record.

Sorting teams and games

Please sort conveniently!

By default, group names are in ascending order,
Within the same group, the team names are set to be sorted in ascending order.

By default, ascending order of group name, descending order of date and time,
And it is set to sort in ascending order of titles.

Display colors

It's a little playfulness.😀

Recording team-specific items

Depending on the idea of ​​the user, it will be a useful function!
Defense and Offense types, Support voices, and so on.
Use it freely!

Register the memo that can be recorded on this screen.
There are various ways to use notes ♪♪

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