Game information

Once the team is registered, let's register the game!

Tap[Add]button to create a new game.

Enter game information such as title, group, location, date and time.

Groups and locations can be selected from the registered information.

Selecting teams

Now it's time to select Home and Opponent teams.

Select a team. And select a uniform.

*You can also select a team from [ Edit ] button.

Tap [ No team selected ] .

Selecting uniforms

Let's choose the perfect uniform color from many colors ♪
When tracking a basketball plays with speed, the color of the uniform is an indicator of the operation.
It is a very reliable one. 💪

Easy to find games ( filtering )

It's hard to find the game you want out of many games.
The filter function makes it easier to find ♪

When you register a game, you will divide it into groups.
Use that group to narrow down.( filtering )

Tap the triangle filter button on the upper left of the screen to display the group selection screen.

The group has been narrowed down. When narrowed down, the button display is different.

This feature is available in the Games, Scores, Stats and Sharing tabs.
When you move tabs, the last selected game in each tab has been selected.

Editing for each game

" I want to change the members a little in today's game...".
In that case, use a registered team. First, create a new game with a registered team, and then change it in the edit screen.
Rest assured that you can look back on today's game without affecting the registered game results or members.

Click here to change the team name, group name, coach, members.

※Do not save this change. If you want to use it many times, please register a new team.

Click here to change the game title, group, location, and uniform.


The score sheet is output as a PDF file.

Select [ Game ] tab , and tap [ PDF ] button.

Select the action.

We selected Quick-Look and displayed it.

Reflecting individual score adjustments

If you register the game category as a "Special", you can set additional points.
When set to "General", it is disabled.

Select [ Game ] tab, and tap [ Edit ] button.

Select the category of " Special ", and tap [ Save ] button.

When tracking the score, add the individual score automatically.

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