Team information

Let's prepare for the game!
At first, register the team information.

Tap [ Add ] button , adding a new team!

Team name / Group name ( Required )
Coach name / Assistant name ( Optional )

※ Groups can be selected from the registered groups.

Team members registration

After registering the team information, the next step is to register members.
Captain registration has become easier. (New!)

[ Roster ]→[ Add ] →Enter the team information.
And tap the [ Register members ] button.

Select the number and tap [ Save ] button.

Choose whether to continue registering member details or later.
Player name ( Optional )
Member ID ( Optional )

You can always register later.

Tap the uniform number.

Register details about the member.
Player name ( Optional )
Member ID ( Optional )
Here you can register the captain of the team.

Do not forget to tap [ Save ] button.
After entering the required information, finally tap the [ Done ] button to complete registration.

Copying teams information

If you copy the team information, it will be useful.

First, select a team from the team list, then tap the [ Copy ] button.

Need to be changed some items?

Save and copy.

The copied team information is displayed.

Easy with Bluetooth

"I want to transfer data to a newly purchased iPad..."
"I want to exchange member information before the match..."
Send and receive easily using Bluetooth!
You can send and receive between different devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Move the data to the new device.
If the opponent is also a user of the "HOOPJ" or "Hoopi" application, team information can be exchanged.

Select teams or games you want to send.
Tap [ Send ] button !

Automatically send and receive to disconnect.

Special registration

HOOP J also supports categories that require scoring adjustments such as special event matches.

Select [ Special ] category.

Tap the [ + ] or [ - ] button on the player edit screen to set the individual score.

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