Start tracking

Now it's time to start tracking!! Use your iPad / iPad mini on sideways!

Select a game from the game list and tap [ START RECORDING ] button.

Starting lineup

Let's talk to each other and select players accurately (^ ^)

Do not forget to tap [ Save ] button.😀


It is very easy!

Tap a player, then tap an event button.

Free throws

Tracking free throws is easy. The substitution is possible at the same time, too.
Do not forget to tap [ Save ] button!

The substitution is done without switching the screen.

① Select the number of free throws.
② Select Made/Missed.
③ Tap [ Save ] button.


The basic operation is uniform tap ➡️ event tap

Button layout can be changed on the setting screen.


By default settings, all fouls are recorded as personal fouls.

If you want to add the type of foul, change it here.

Choose the best foul type.

Fouls of staff

Use for the foul of coaches and substitutes.
Also use it when you don't know whose foul. 😀

Tap the team name ,then tap the foul button.

Changing quarters

Easy to change quarters with a tap!

Tap the quarter button. Do not forget to change quarters😆


Easy recording of timeouts with a tap!

Tap [ Timeout ] button on each team.


The substitution has become smoother♪ Do not forget to save (^^)

Tap [ Sub ] button.

Tap the player on the court to enter the bench.
Tap the player on the bench to enter the court.
Finally, do not forget to tap the [ Save ] button.

◯Choose from 2 to 10 players.
◯Substitute up to 5 people each in and out.
◯The number of fouls is displayed with a badge to the left of the name.


Memo😀 Have a try !! 
There are various ways♪

Such as 2-3zone , fast break , Nice , 3out2in ,Good job , and so on.

On the score screen, tap the memo button at the bottom left of the screen.
The memo list is displayed.

The memo has been recorded.

Missed shot → Rebound

This feature is really useful!

[ Quick Rebound ] must be turned on.

When a missed shot is recorded, the player buttons / team name buttons light up.
Tap the lit button.

Offensive or defensive rebound is automatically determined.

Steal → Turnover

Please try it !

[ Quick Turnover ] must be turned on.

When a steal is recorded, the player buttons and the team name button light up.
Tap the lit button.

Team rebound

If you tap the team name instead of selecting a player, it will be recorded as a team rebound.

The recorded play is automatically bookmarked.

Changing sides

The score is displayed according to the change of court.


"I want to change the record, but the game has progressed..."
In that case, add a bookmark and edit it later!

Tap the bookmark button.
A bookmark is added to the play recorded just before.

Bookmarks are displayed in PLAY-BY-PLAY.


This is an easy way to modify and delete records.
Please use this if you can correct it immediately after recording.

Tap [ Undo ] button.


Lock to prevent modification.

Lock the finished games to prevent accidental changes.


Keeping a record of the game's impressions and improvements.

Tap the mark of the speech bubble.

Please write your impressions and reflections on the game freely.

Score setting for ”special” cases

Use it for special games such as events and senior games!

Set the category of the team to "Special".

Select members.

Adjust the score and save.

Set the game category to "Special".

The player's score adjustment details are displayed.

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