You can track the shots, the free throws, the fouls, the assists and so on.
It is very easy!

1. Shot

To track a shot. Select a player. Tap any button below.
2pt Shot: Made / 2pt Shot: Missed
3pt Shot: Made / 3pt Shot: Missed
4pt Shot: Made / 4pt Shot: Missed

2. Free throws

To track free throws, select the player and the number of free throws.

Then tap the result of each throw(success/failure). After that, tap Save.

3. Play

To track a play, tap the player number(uniform) and tap any button below.
Assist / Foul / Steal / Recound (Off) / Rebound (Def) / Block / Turnover

You can customize the placement of each button in Settings screen.
Please use it according to the purpose of the game.

4. Kind of fouls

You can select the type of fouls to track in the Setting screen.

Only a personal foul is displayed in initial setting.

5. Foul of staff

Coaches and bench of foul, tap the foul button after you tap the team name.